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HOOP-story. Did you know that the hoop earring is one of the oldest items of jewellery since records began?


The hoop's historical significance means that it is one of the most popular items of jewellery.

Paintings have been discovered in India which date back several thousand years depicting figures wearing gold hoop earrings. Over 2000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, the hoop earring was a symbol of sexual power and dominance while in Africa, the gold hoop was associated with high social ranking. 

The hoop also played a dominant role in ancient Rome and Greece. Indeed, when Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, several pairs of elaborate earrings were found buried with the Ancient Egyptian Pharoah, for the Afterlife.  

Ancient history shows that by placing just a tiny piece of gold next to our skin, is one of the best ingredients for the beauty regime. Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti were known to use crushed gold in their facial masks, which gave them that ethereal glow. 

The symmetry between the circular shape of the hoop and the contours of the face create a wonderful harmony. If worn outside in the open air, the sun illuminates the precious metal, reflecting the upper part of the decolletage. Using the finest Italian craftsmanship, we celebrate historical hoop significance by way of a simple, affordable design.

We launched THE HOOP STATION after realising that we had quietly been gathering a following of regular fans of our hoops! We believe that we offer some of the most wearable, fabulous and seriously affordable hoops available on the high street.

We intentionally design our hoops to be lightweight, so as to not pull too much on the earlobe. They are made in Italy using only 925 silver, something our customers really appreciate and designed for the modern women with a really busy lifestyle yet appreciates the feminine touch. 

La IVREA Basic is one of our best-selling collections yet, easy to wear, day or night, with a diameter of 3.5cms. Small enough to gently touch the skin reaping the benefits of the ageold beauty rituals in which our ancient female ancestors participated, all day long!

We want you to feel like a goddess, effortlessly! 



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