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Have a Drink and Show it Off!

Whether they're bejewelled, sculpted, glitzy or vintage, put one on and have a drink! We're talking cocktail rings. Ever wonder how they got their name?

Well, during the Prohibition era in America, alcohol was strictly forbidden from being manufactured, sold or transported. Therefore, having a tasty tipple in your hand was a status equivalent to owning an Hermès Birkin. Women started wearing over-the-top rings to call attention to the illicit beverage and in turn, the immodest adornments earned their nickname - cocktail rings. 

Alcohol certainly doesn't evoke the status it did in the past, but who cares? Throw on a big, blingy ring and toss one back! In need of a larger-than-life ring? Check out La Duo Ring:La Duo Ball Ring


La Duo Ring, £89

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