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Let's Talk About 925 Sterling Silver...

Celebrating 25 years as one of London's first boutique jewellery labels, silver is the colour of the year for Georgiana Scott. It also happens to be one of the most important metals to the brand, seeing as all products are cast in 925 silver and plated in either 18 carat rose gold, yellow gold or 925 silver once again.
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So what makes 925 sterling silver so great? Let's take a look:
Silver is the brightest out of all precious metals. However, silver as a pure metal is much too soft to make jewellery from. Therefore, metallurgists mix pure silver with other metals, such as copper, allowing them to yield to the creative wishes of jewellery designers.
The term "925 sterling silver" means that the percentage of real silver in the alloy is 92.5%. You can also refer to it as 925 silver or simply sterling silver. 
Durability - Due to its durability as an alloy, sterling silver can be formed into almost any design under the sun, much more so than gold or platinum. This puts the metal at the forefront of new jewellery designs and fun fashions.
Value - Silver is the most affordable out of all the precious metals and fits perfectly alongside your fine jewels; gold or platinum jewellery. The affordability factor doesn't make silver any less in quality than the other precious metals. It's simply the fact that it is mined more often, putting more into the market place. In fact, sterling silver is the whitest and most brilliant of all the precious metals.
Style - Silver is a colour in fashion that will never die. It adorns our zippers, handbag hardware and above all else our jewellery. Some women prefer it, other women won't wear anything else. Regardless, silver will never die.
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Post by Sanjeev on 24 Feb, 2016

I am wishing you on behalf of 9gem.com Congratulation for the 25 years as one of London’s first boutique jewellery labels.

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