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Made in Italy, styled in London.


So many clients ask us, just who is Georgiana Scott?



There was jewellery all over the kitchen table in our house. It is little surprise my career has been sprinkled with jewels! Jewellery is my passion.

Georgiana Scott was founded in London in 1991 by my mother and stepfather (one of London's original independent boutique jewellery labels!) The company was named using the middle names of their two young children, 'Georgiana' (that's me) and 'Scott'.

In 2012, I was given the amazing opportunity to take over the company. Having had a career as a consultant in fine jewellery and watches, I felt that I could inject something unique to the brand. 

Armed with a passion for fantastic design & practicality, I focused on building a unique, functional and stylish collection that is luxurious while attainable. I found this hard to find in the market; jewellery was priced either too low to be a luxurious treat or too high for women of all lifestyles.

As women, we are expected to look amazing everyday, no matter who we are or what we do. I believe I have found a gap in the market, while capitolising on my wealth of jewellery industry knowledge, creating a collection which suits lots of looks, lifestyles, any age group and won’t break the bank.

Georgiana Scott reflects the many faces of the modern woman, without losing our core brand values. 

Please do pop in and see us any time at Fenwick of Bond Street, Fenwick Brent Cross and Bentalls of Kingston. Our new sub brand due to launch is The Hoop Station, after all hoop earrigs are a staple for women all over the world.

We have an enormouse number of international clients. With more stores in the pipeline, we are excited to see our brand reach out to more and more women. We are confident we have jewellery that is just right for you.

My aim is to make our clients smile. The best thing about my job is seeing someone's eyes light up when we find something that looks amazing on her and she walks away with a new spring in her step and her gorgeous Georgiana Scott bag with gunmetal chains!

Please share with us your views and any ideas as we always love to hear from our customers.

With love,






in stores and online

Who wears Georgiana Scott jewellery?

She is smart, sassy and discerning, not strictly a follower of fashion, preferring a feminine style that enhances her look. Our pieces are understated, sitting effortlessly alongside fine jewellery items, such as diamonds. We make 100% sure that we have something new to show our regular clients; they can pop in and find that perfect accessory for a particular occasion. 

Collections are easy-to-wear - our earrings are super lightweight and never pull on the ear. Our style is current without following fashion trends. We are self-proclaimed jewellery aficionados, with a passion for rose gold and anything that is made by our favourite European haunt, Italy. Trust us, our natural-born freshwater pearls are second to none. Our jewellery is hallmarked in London. Materials: 925 sterling silver or silver gold plated, we also sell 9ct or 18ct gold and rose gold jewellery.

Our shopping bags; Georgiana Scott slate grey bags with gunmetal chains are seriously coveted. The matching soft suede pouch with satin ribbons are great for storing jewellery while on the go or travelling.

Bespoke Jewellery Service

We have access to some of the world's most incredible diamonds and gem stones and partner with a fantastic workshop in London. If you are wishing to have a piece of jewelery created especially for you, please contact us to arrange a private appoinment.